Are you feeding your puppy or kitten the right diet

The first year of your puppy or kitten’s life is one of the most important. This is when their brains are developing, and they learn how to be a cat or dog, it is also the year that their body does all its growing. It is important that you feed your new pet a diet that will give them all the nutrients they need to thrive and for their brain to develop in their first year. 

When you think about it nutrition is the most important factor to a healthy pet, everything they do requires energy – and that energy comes from what they eat. There are a lot of diets out there to choose for your pet, and these days with modern day science there are even diets formulated for animals with health conditions that can aid in making them better.  

When it comes to choosing the correct food for your puppy or kitten the first step is that you choose a diet that is made for young animals. Adult pet diets don't have the same amounts of protein and fats as puppy/kitten diets. This is because puppies and kittens need higher levels of these to develop and grow.  

When it comes to picking a pet food there are a few categories to choose from, supermarket brands are usually classed as 'premium' foods. Premium pet foods are on the cheaper side as they usually have less ingredients in them and less money is spent on studies by the companies making them. Some of these diets aren't that great for your pet and can be comparative to fast food for humans. The other category of food is 'super premium' some of these can be found in your supermarket but are usually just sold at pet stores and vet clinics. Super premium foods are more expensive than your premium foods, but they usually have more ingredients and most of these foods have had a lot of science and tests done before they're put on the market. You can also feed your pets a raw diet, but this takes a lot of time and a lot of things need to be added in as just meat does not provide enough nutrients for a healthy balanced diet. 

If you have any questions as to which diet may be best for your pet, please don't hesitate to come into the clinic or call us on 63 444 566.