Did you know we offer a grooming service?

We recently welcomed Brooke to our team, Brooke is a groomer with 20 years experience and is at the clinic every Wednesday for all your grooming needs.

We may be heading into winter but that doesn't mean your pets won't need grooming. During the colder months your pet’s hair will continue to grow and shed, for thicker coated dogs their coat will start to grow in thicker. It's important that you ensure you pet’s fur is kept clean and tidy all year long, as dirty and matted coats can cause discomfort, skin irritations and disrupt insulation.

Brushing your pet is very important as brushing aids in the shedding process of their coats and also helps to distribute the oils in their skin which keep their coat healthy. It's not just dogs that need brushing, brushing your cat can aid in avoiding hair balls, gut upsets and skin conditions including dry coats which result in dandruff and flakey skin. We often see a lot of rabbits with matted coats, longer coated rabbits' hair can easily become matted. This can cause major problems as their skin is extremely fragile and matting of the hair can cause their skin to tear.

If you'd like to book in your pet to be groomed by Brooke or your pet has a skin concern which you'd like checked by a vet please contact the clinic on 6344 4566 to schedule an appointment.