Meet Bella - one of our wonderful patients

Bella has a been a patient of ours at Launceston Veterinary Clinic and our branch clinic at George Town Tasmania. Bella has been a terrific patient over the years without any ongoing problems, she would play and swim at her local beach until she developed Osteoarthritis.

Bella's Mum, Judy noticed Bella was not as playful as she used to be.  Bella wanted to sleep more, play less and even lost interest in food.  After a full physical exam Bella was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in her shoulder, elbow, and hind leg joints. A course of anti-inflammatory medication was prescribed and weekly arthritis injections were trialled to help with pain and mobility. Bella was not responding to the usual treatments that normally help many other arthritic animals, her medications were changed multiple times to try to alleviate her painful condition.  Judy even tried Green Lip Mussel supplements. Nothing seemed to be successful.

One day when Bella came to visit the team at the George Town clinic for her regular weigh in, we suggested that Bella try Hills J/D (Joint Diet) dry food. To say that Judy was shocked in Bella's improvement was an understatement. Bella was happier, she loved the taste of her new diet, and she became more mobile while playing and swimming at the beach again like her old self.

We are happy to report that Bella is now drug free, no longer needs weekly injections, and is almost like a puppy again at the grand age of nine years old. Judy is happy because she is no longer spending extra money and time on Bella's health.  Her J/D diet is all she needs. Hill's J/D Diet is clinically tested to help your dog walk, run and jump easier in just 21 days for dogs, there is even a cat J/D diet for our feline friends. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, J/D slows the cycle of deterioration and help your pets retain more cartilage.

If you think your dog or cat is suffering from arthritis, come and speak to us at the Launceston Veterinary Clinic to talk about the best option.