Meet Ellie

Coming into spring and summer we usually start to see a lot of allergy induced problems which include skin cases and ear infections. We recently saw Ellie for itchy skin, Ellie is a 2 year old German Shepherd and is owned by one of our nurses. Ellie has had quite a few skin and allergy problems in the past consisting of bacterial infections of the ears and feet.

There are many different treatments that work differently in each dog, Ellie’s infections were usually treated with a course of antibiotics and a topical antifungal but as the infections continue to reoccur after being treated it was decided that Ellie needed to go onto an oral antifungal medication and a food allergy trial. Ellie is currently being treated for a yeast infection between the toes of her hind feet, which has also been aggravated as she tends to chew on her feet; introducing more bacteria from her mouth.

For Ellie it was decided the best option would be a food elimination trial. With a food elimination trial Ellie will be put onto a strict prescription diet of ‘Royal Canin Hypoallergenic’. Hypoallergenic is a food which is formulated to reduce intolerances found towards ingredients found in most dog foods and is made from a hydrolysed protein. The food elimination trial period is 8-12 weeks and by the end of the period we are hopeful that Ellie’s skin will have improved greatly.