Meet Indy the Greyhound

WARNING: Image may be disturbing to viewers.

Last month Indy, an 8 year old Greyhound, visited us after hours for a forelimb fracture. Indy was running and must have tripped, and the impact had caused her to break her right forelimb. Ouch! The break was what we call a compound fracture, which is where the piece of broken bone pierces the skin and becomes exposed.

Indy was rushed to us and once she arrived we administered pain relief and intravenous fluid therapy for the shock and organised for limb amputation surgery to be preformed. Indy's leg was amputated under a general anaesthetic by our senior veterinarian Dr Kim Barrett. It took Indy a few days to get used to having only three legs but she had a speedy recovery and is now doing extremely well at home. The staff at Launceston Vet Clinic wish the gorgeous Indy all the best during the rest of her recovery and we love our weekly catch ups for a check over and a cuddle.

Indy is a member of our Best For Pet program - click here to find out about the program. If you're interested in Best For Pet contact the clinic and speak to one of our nurses about how your pet can become a member too. 

Compound fracture