Meet our friendly reception team!

When you’ve visited our clinic you would have been greeted by one of the friendly faces that we have on reception. Jess and Megan both started working at the clinic this year as full-time receptionists. Receptionists are an integral part of our clinic. Their role is to make sure you as the client have a warm and comfortable welcome. Without Jess and Megan, our Vets and Nurses cannot provide the best care for your animals, they are the foundation of communication.

Our receptionists help book furry friends in for appointments and surgeries, assist our Vets with repeat prescriptions and help with any questions you may have regarding your pet. They also make sure that your contact details are correct and send out reminders for vaccinations, desexing and parasite control treatment.

Away from the clinic, Jess has a rabbit named Opie who can play fetch, and a Cockatiel named Sprout. Jess also plays basketball and volunteers for Bonorong with Animal Rescue.

Megan has a Terrier cross named Mashi and in her spare time, she enjoys yoga and go geocaching with her sister. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting app where you walk to find certain locations where people have left interesting things for others to find.

Both Jess and Megan are happy and bubbly people and we love having them as part of our team!

Our receptionists - Megan and Jess