Meet Renzo the Rough Collie

Renzo recently came to see us to have a lump removed, as he needed an anaesthetic we took the opportunity to care for his teeth as well! Unlike us, dogs don't brush their teeth every day, and because of this plaque and tartar build up on the surface of their teeth. Build up of plaque and tartar results in damage to the periodontal ligament, resulting in wobbly unhealthy teeth that cause pain and require removal.

To prevent teeth needing to be removed we do routine dental assessments and scale and polish teeth to remove plaque and tartar build up. Renzo had his teeth assessed, routine dental radiography performed and his teeth were then scaled with our ultrasonic dental scaler and polished.

If you think your dogs teeth may need to be assessed, or they have smelly breath, call the clinic to book a dental check with one of our friendly staff members on 63444566.