Meet Squirt - Caught with a Tick

Gorgeous Squirt was in our clinic recently recovering from tick paralysis. With the rain and the hot weather coming please check your dog’s daily or at least every second day - it can take around 3 days after the tick attaches for clinical signs to appear. 

Weakness, change in bark, slobbering, problems with swallowing and paralysis starting with the hind limbs are some of the few signs associated with tick paralysis.

There are some new preventive medications available such as Nexgard and Bravecto which are a much safer and cheaper alternative to treating tick paralysis –however prevention is key. 

Summer is fun with our animals, but heat stroke, snakebite and tick paralysis are problems to be aware of. Prevention of what is avoidable is best. Paralysis ticks are often found in suburban areas contrary to belief that they are only found in the bush and beachy areas. If you would like to know more about parasite prevention for your pet, please call our friendly staff on (03) 6344 4566 to find out more.  

The tick that Dr Jack found hiding in Squirt's ear