Meet Tess

In July, we had the lovely Tess the Labrador visit us afterhours as she was having trouble giving birth to her puppies and needed some assistance. Dr Fiona Duggan tried her best to assist Tess during whelping with medications to induce labour, but unfortunately an emergency caesarean couldn't be avoided. 

Tess was taken to surgery at midnight for an emergency caesarean and the last of 8 beautiful puppies was finally delivered with the help from Nurse Stephanie. Tess and her puppies stayed overnight at the clinic and all are doing well. 

Tess is a great mum and we look forward to seeing her and her puppies again when they visit for their first vaccinations and health check. Tess was lucky that her wonderful owner acted quickly at the first sign of trouble and brought her straight to us, otherwise her puppies may not have survived.