With over 46 years of experience, Launceston Veterinary Clinic continues to provide up-to-date, professional and affordable pet health care. In that time, we have ve helped thousands of our clients’ cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, other pocket pets, birds, horses, cattle, goats, pigs and even a few snakes. With fully equipped examination rooms, diagnostic machines and pharmaceutical stores we provide on-the-spot assistance for nearly all pet health and medical needs. To find out more about us, contact us to book a hospital tour or bring your pet to meet our team at anytime.

Meet Our Team
Dr Kim Barrett
Lead Vet
  • AQIS Export Accreditation (Companion Animals)
  • MAP Accreditation

Kim has been a Veterinarian at Launceston Veterinary Clinic for over 35 years. She has wide veterinary experience and still has a passion for clinical practice. She has passed her membership examinations in epidemiology. im loves to spend any extra time she has with her family and at her shack with her two crazy kelpies.

Dr Fiona Duggan
  • AQIS Export Accreditation (Companion Animals)

Fiona has been a Veterinarian at the clinic since 2005. She is very skilled in small animal medicine and ultrasonography and enjoys equine practice. In her spare time Fiona likes running, highland dancing and is a member of the ABC Advisory Council. Her family pets are two sibling border collie crosses, a cat and an ageing retired thoroughbred.

Dr Amanda Chong

Amanda started working as a Veterinarian at Launceston Vet Clinic in 2006. Her interests are in small animal surgery, with a focus on dentistry, especially the challenges of rabbit dentition and soft tissue surgery. Amanda enjoys playing canoe polo and loves craft fairs. She has a pet cat named Commando that she hand-raised as an orphan, and she also has a rabbit named Dutch.

Dr Kalinda King
Dr Sinead Phillips

Sinead has been working with us at the clinic since January 2018. Her main interests are production animal medicine, with a focus on cattle, as well as the management of chronic disease in older dogs and cats. Outside of work, Sinead enjoys the outdoors, hiking, exploring Tasmania and spending time with her three cats. 

Sinead was awarded the Don Kerr Student Award at the 2018 Australian Veterinary Association Conference. She was awarded this honour for her dedication to and excellence in cattle medicine, as well as her work on a research project which examined the importance of pre-mating bull soundness examinations on cattle fertility. Her work demonstrated that almost half of bulls in Tasmania are suboptimal or not suitable for use in breeding programs. 

Dr Jack Davey
Practice Manager

Kara has previously worked as a Veterinary Nurse for 8 years before starting the role of Practice Manager at Launceston Veterinary Clinic in 2015. She has two big slobbery dogs and a pet rabbit. When she is not at the clinic Kara can be found brunching with friends, travelling the state with her family (including the dogs) or cooking up a storm at home.

Stephanie J
Head Vet Nurse

Steph is one of our Senior Veterinary Nurses and has been working at Launceston Veterinary Clinic since 2008. She is currently building her dream home and enjoys eventing and is a whip with the Northern Hunt Club. Steph is also a skilled equestrienne and her family pets include two dogs and many horses. 

Senior Vet Nurse (part time)

Yasmin currently works part-time as a Senior Veterinary Nurse and maintains our surgical suite. She is also a skilled drummer in a two local rock bands - the Indie band, Bansheeland, and the punk rock band, Third Degree. Yasmin has a rescue dog and a cat. 

Senior Vet Nurse (weekends)

Susanne works as a sole Senior Veterinary nurse on weekends. She has a Bachelor of Science from UTAS, a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and has extensive veterinary nursing experience. After raising her daughter Susanne has returned to Launceston Veterinary Clinic part time. Susanne spends her extra time working on the farm her and her husband own and caring for their children.

Senior Vet Nurse
Stephanie R
Vet Nurse

Stephanie started working at Launceston Veterinary Clinic in 2013 and became a full time team member in 2015. Her special interest is nursing and monitoring surgical cases. Steph has a German Shepherd named Ellie and a black cat called Midnight. Road trips around Tasmania are Stephanie's favourite way of relaxing outside work. 

Vet Nurse

Emma started following her dream to become a Veterinary Nurse in 2015 when she started working  at Launceston Veterinary Clinic, having previously commenced studying her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She has a keen interest in the complex medical cases that come through our doors. Emma owns three cats, one dog, a bunny and a horse. To wind down after work Emma enjoys sitting in front of the fire with a good book. 

Vet Nurse

Rebecca has returned back to working as a Veterinary Nurse at Launceston Veterinary Clinic in 2016 after taking a break and working as a Sales Assistant in a pet store.  Rebecca's small acreage is home to 10 horses (some RSPCA rescues), six dogs, three cats, a goat and a cow.  In her spare time Rebecca enjoys either reading or riding her ponies.

Vet Nurse (casual)

Purdy started working at Launceston Veterinary Clinic in 2008 and is now working casually while raising her son, Chase. Purdy likes hunting and being outdoors. She has several dogs, horses and sheep, and her favourite part of nursing is going out with the Veterinarians on large animal calls.

Vet Nurse (casual)

Heather has been working as a casual Veterinary Nurse at Launceston Veterinary Clinic since 2015. She enjoys all aspects of veterinary nursing and is also working a second job as a community support carer.  In her spare time when she gets it Heather loves to cook, garden and socialise with her friends. She has also recently completed her Certificate III in Home, Aged and Community Care, to help people to maintain independence in their own homes.

Vet Nurse

Megan is one of our full time receptionists whose job is ensure our clients have a warm and comfortable welcome. She makes appointments for our furry friends, assists our Vets with repeat prescriptions, ensure your clients' contact details are correct and send out reminders for vaccinations, desexing and parasite control treatment.

Megan has a Terrier cross named Mashi and in her spare time, she enjoys yoga and go geocaching with her sister. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting app where you walk to find certain locations where people have left interesting things for others to find.


Jess is one of the friendly faces who you'll meet when you visit our clinic. Jess helps book our furry friends in for appointments and surgeries, assists our Vets with repeat prescriptions and help with any questions you may have regarding your pet. She also helps send out reminders for vaccinations, desexing and parasite control treatment.

Away from the clinic, Jess has a rabbit named Opie who can play fetch, and a Cockatiel named Sprout. Jess also plays basketball and volunteers for Bonorong with Animal Rescue.